It if was not for my faith I would not be here today, and I mean that in every sense of what it means to live and draw breath. If these moments did not happen. If it were not for you all being my reason. I walked or should I say rolled into IHOP this afternoon for lunch. It was completely empty as she walked up to the table. The music became too much and put me in the path of a severe migraine, I tried to deal but it was too much, I placed my lunch order and stepped outside. While I waited for my order Tiffani spoke with you, you told her about having a 22 year old son that had been assaulted, his temple being struck, and the surgery that followed. You showed us photos of him before, young and vibrant, and then moments after he regained consciousness, and then his fragility after having his skull cut open by a surgeon. This mom, his mom, his family, his friends had no idea what to do.

It’s the typical and unfortunate story common to us all. Where did everyone go ?

We both poured out our concern. As a mother you knew she would do anything and as a son I told her if I could do anything please don’t hesitate to call on me. This is a perfect example to know that when you go out in public, be fearless about sharing your story. Don’t be afraid to speak up and say what bothers you, what is a trigger whether the lights are too bright, or the sound is overcoming your sense of well-being….anything. You never when that moment will become that divine opportunity someone has been hoping for. It could simply be creating awareness or becoming someone support coming apart someone support network and creating their path to recovery. God is good and puts people in your life not just when they need a miracle, but when you need a reminder of your purpose and that no experience is even wasted in divine hands. An empty restaurant turned into a full seated arena of God’s angels overhearing a much-needed conversation about life, brain injury, and love.