Positively Doubting

We can doubt without having to live a doubting way of life. Doubt encourages rethinking. Its purpose is more to sharpen the mind than to change it. Doubt can be used to pose a question, get an answer, push for a decision.
Doubt was never meant to be a permanent condition. Doubt is one foot lifted, poised to step forward or backward. There is no motion until the foot comes down.
When you experience doubt, take encouragement from people like Doubting Thomas. He didn't stay in his doubt; he allowed Jesus to bring him to belief. Take encouragement also from the fact that countless other followers of Christ and other faiths have struggled with doubts. The answers God gave them may help you too. We as humans are not meant to do this life alone, but rely on each other and Unite. That’s what true communion is. It means come – in – Union. You don’t need a building to do that, it’s an everyday and all day thing as long as we breathe life into each other.

Don't settle into your doubts - but move on from them to a decision and to belief. Find another believer with whom you can share your doubts. Silent doubters rarely find answers. I know when I doubt, I have found that discussion is not only healthy, but liberating. We must allow ourselves to grow.
So, yes. In a sense, I am saying that doubt can be healthy, by spiritually, physically and emotionally allowing yourself to execute any decision with a sense of peace and confidence after careful analysis.