My God, My Night

My God, My Night

The sound of life, the night drift.

I walk with grace as though it is my shooting star.

The sky blankets my soul to the warmth of a summers dream and I can't help but take a step further to get a greater look.

Can I get any closer, Lord? Take me, I'm yours.

I'm tired and have grown weary of trying to figure this life out. I'm done trying, I'm willing, take me, I give my all to you.

Forgive me for my delay,

and thank you for showing me the way.

You are truly amazing.

I continue to breath this evening’s gifts of light

placed ever so perfectly.

The clouds shadow just enough for them to be seen

and the birds and crickets sing in unison as if it were both night and day.

My God, for this night, I thank you, and surrender all that I am, My will, My strength,

My heart, My soul, My life as I thought it was,

My trust for you to take, My hope for you to give and

My love for you have.

I am walking but as though not to move, ever so gently as if this moment may leave my embrace.

I do not want for this grace to leave,

but know it is not he who leaves but he who moves us

with or without our awareness or acknowledge.

For it is he who walks with us, runs for us, and is our breath when we are tired.

It his he, who paints this night canvas.

It is he.

My God, what a beautiful night

Greg CostaComment