The Life of a Butterfly - Photography and essay by GregCosta©

For all those who don't know the Life of a butterfly is hard core. They are warriors. Here is the TRUTH. They are Bad ass. They have a Soul as Strong as a Lion. That's where the saying comes from "Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee"

The butterfly has long been a symbol of Life after Death. It may be Graceful but it is also fierce. It’s strength and tenacity, remarkable. The transformation takes place during the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. It beautifully illustrates the promise found in God's grace. Often WE JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, Wanting so many possessions, WE loose ourselves in the Midst of a world where we should be found. Taking the time to get to know YOU, what’s around you and your walk in Faith.

From an egg to caterpillar, what many would say is ugly and slow. Pretty and only for chicks. The birthing of a butterfly is so intense that even if everything goes as planned it may only live for one week. They have to have just enough fluid to come out of their cocoons, And if they have to much, it weighs down their wings and they die. Done after all that time of work and hope of flying one day. Only a certain few species live up to 9 months. Most only a couple of weeks. They are one of the beautifully challenged and strongest miracles on earth.

So, Take every moment to grow. Be A Mark of Christ, Bold and Fierce, and Enjoy what you have while you have it. Enjoy the Ride. 

Be beautiful inside yourself, Know it, Live it, Announce it.

Hold your head high because of your accomplishments by your standards, and know-one else's.

We are only Bound by the Limits we set for ourselves.

No one should ever hold you back or take you down, and if they do, be more than just a SURVIVOR. Be a Warrior, so when the world see’s you they are stunned by beauty, wisdom, tenacity and transparency.

Every time you see a Butterfly, STOP and BREATHE. Enjoy You for You.

Exhale acceptance, Know that YOU are not only Good Enough, but you are no less then everything and Blessed from above and if one lands on you, well look up and say thank you. Because you just have been touched by the strength and grace of a Butterfly. Greg Costa ©