Faces of Faith - Easter

Reminding us of a sacrifice given through his grace

Outside, the tower bells sing a gathering chant

1.. 2.. 3.. 4..  

They rang from the masses to put one to death

Forgiveness of sins, this we ask, (he brings)

Let us remember the tears you shed and the wounds through which you bled


The word of the lord, this is the day

A time of rest, one to reflect

This, the angles Attest

The good news we have to profess

Through the mystery of faith, we believe

This is our salvation, our hope

Lord hear are prayer


Tears of sorrow are now joy

Do well; he did by freely accepting his fate

Remember all our brothers and sisters, the glory departed

Now and forever without hate

Only say the word and I shall be loved, healed into beautiful mistakes

So let it be sung, let it be lived

The faces of faith

Blessed are we to have each other

Peace be with you

We are the faces of faith


Greg CostaComment