Turn it UP!

Turn it UP!

Greg Costa


Handle with LoVe™ rubber bracelet . Free with every card purchase while supplies last. . If you want to purchase the Bracelet alone, Have not bought or are purchasing a new card you may Purchase the Bracelet for $8.00 shipping included.

We are dedicated to taking this invisible disability to making the the most visible effort to unify survivors under one message, one VOICE

Handle with LoVe™


As a Thank You & commend all fellow survivors for being true warriors and staying strong and the reminder that your are not alone when you wear it everyday. We are also sending you a FREE Bracelet to every survivor who already ordered card this past year, because we want to remind you that you rock and that we are ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU. You you are NEVER alone. Unlike anyone in the world when you are a client you get 24/7 phone support anywhere in the world.


Like our Identification Card, wearing the swag makes sure that no matter where you are you are seen. incase your out for that jog by yourself, wearing is preparing and sending a message. All our products are gear to keep you and everyone around safe and in the know. You can be confident that our team and company thrives to serve you. Our mentors, referrals from fellow survivors to amazing Doctors no matter where you are we help personalize your specific need to you. If we don't know, we guarantee we will find someone who does. Handle with LoVe bY YOUR SIDE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.


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