Handle With LoVe™ takes a holistic approach when serving Survivors and their families to nurture the mind and body, create economic empowerment, a support social awareness and community impact. 


The Survivor Card a powerful way to create awareness and give a voice to the brain injury survivors, bringing an end to the silence of this "silent epidemic."

The Survivor Card is a tool that works overtime. It works as a support for Survivors and caregivers when they are engaged in any social activity-from grocery shopping to travel. In an emergency, brain injury survivors are typically unable to communicate their needs clearly, a Survivor Card can speak for you.

Symptoms of a brain injury  can easily be misdiagnosed and misunderstood, and a prompt diagnosis is critical to effective treatment.


"I think it’s imperative for anyone who has TBI to carry an Identification card with them and present it to a Law Enforcement officer if being stopped or detained. Also, having emergency contact info on that card would be helpful or maybe even your primary physician's name.
Some Departments have a class The class called C.I.T. it stands for Crisis Intervention Training and is a 40 hour class that is taught to officers to help them deal with situations such as people with mental illnesses such as Alzheimer and TBI."
- Deputy Sheriff, Thom Kelley Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Founder Greg Costa Brain Injury & Resource Specialist

Founder Greg Costa

Brain Injury & Resource Specialist

Most major life events require assistance, resources, and advice.  As a brain injury consultant, Handle with Love's founder Greg Costa serves as a liaison, mentor, and advocate. His clientele include individuals with brain injuries and their families, educators, medical and legal professionals, and social workers. 

Services include:

  • Emergency Consultations
  • Survivor Transistion Support
  • Caregiver Support
  • Patient Advocacy

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What is a Transition Liaison? A liaison is a bridge between the patient and those that take an active role on their recovery. They can assist with coordinating your personal care and can be a translator between the medical professionals and the patient. 

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for and extraordinary destiny.
— C.S. Lewis

Disclaimer: Handle with LoVe®  project is the voice for Brain Injury Survivors. It is not a medical organization, although Greg Costa understands the abandonment, financial strain and hardships a family is met with catastrophe

I do what I do because I had no one to do it for me, I had no help I've had to do everything from rebuilding your house after a flood to divorce mini stroke back surgery all in one year

Greg Costa is a Mentor which is an experienced advisor based on my personal experience of crisis, loss and everything brain injury Mr.Costa is not a substitution for medical professionals , treatment's, services or providers. Unlike brain associations, Greg Costa can come to your house, meet at the library where it is quiet and safe, come with you to doctors appointment to help navigate translate for you, families, and caregivers. You elect to receive the help and services of Greg Costa of your own free will.