Identify, Inspire, Support


I understand that patients are not always treated properly and protocol is often not followed with traumatic brain injury survivors.

Because as a TBI survivor, I have experienced this myself as I go through everyday life. Through my recovery, I realized the importance of loving myself as I now am, and how others need to "handle" us with love. That's how our name, Handle with LoVe® came about.

Letting people know about TBI support & awareness but more importantly, HOW to Handle us with LoVe®.

These efforts are truly changing the way people "Don't See" Traumatic Brain Injury from non-awareness to instead offering understanding and support. Each of us are unique in the stories we share, but also share a common thread. TBIs are hard, at times unbearable, which is why Handle with LoVe® is inspired and driven to comfort you along your journey. 

~ Greg Costa, founder, Handle with LoVe®

Our inspiration


MY Mission


  • To Save Lives and raise awareness for the needs of brain injury survivors around the world with one goal in mind: to be your voice by creating awareness and safety and to give you a voice when you can't speak with The Handle with LoVe® ID card.

  • To help survivors, caretakers, family, friends and doctors take action in creating your safe zone and support team to help give you the best path to recovery.

  • To provide unique, face to face services to meet the needs of brain injury survivors by enabling survivors to be apart of a movement , a purpose and generate funds for themselves by selling products. This is imperative because the financial strain put on a family never goes away. There is NO "ED" at the End of Recovery for us. Its an ongoing process.


Our core values

Handle With LoVe® promotes a culture of community and connection through: