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Stressed Out And In Pain

No two brain injuries are alike, that's what makes it so difficult. Brain injuries change everything, from being properly diagnosed to treatment that is effectively tailored specifically to that person, taking into account their OWN individual injury. There's so much information that isn't currently available and most doctors have little to no knowledge.From now on you/they should ask this question first, "Do you have any patients or have you treated anyone with TBI?" If they say "No", or "What is TBI?", then move on to the NEXT doctor. I had no help and just like any other Survivor from abandonment and losing yourself in the reality we once knew. Nothing about brain injury is pretty. Nothing gets better before it gets worse, right, thats how we are able to know the difference and can team up with one another so we can help ease the most catastrophic event in our life.

In fact the hardest thing is exceptance and not only by your self but the ones around you. this one aspect is your greatest challenge , However I wish I had someone guiding but I didn't, I had to figure it out while loosing every last spec of who I was to find myself where I am. my goal is simple, see and need and fill it and leave no man behind.

Im am here to serve you and help you transition as fast as possible so you can create the "New Normal we all have to do. I am a resource specialist and though I am not a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist or counselor I am survivor that can guarantee help and if I do not know myself how to break down some obstacles you need, I guarantee I have someone with in my network of medical professionals, parents and survivors who can.


First thing's First: Breathe, You Are NOT Alone.

Fact Sheets

  1. The first thing you tell a doctor is that you have had a traumatic brain injury, so the most effective protocol can be established. If your doctors do not have experience in treating TBI or currently treating patients . Please , Please take my advice and find one that does. This can save you time, money and often misdiagnoises.
  2. Remember we know little about the brain: as much as we do the ocean, so don't be the patient where the doctor is learning what TBI involves.  "TBI"-Truamatic Brain Injury, "BI"- Brain Injury, ABI- Acquired Brain injury in is JUST Now becoming into the world with a name. Per our history in the field of medicine Brain Injury as been treated symptomatically, thus not being treated or diagnosed properly. 
  3. Create a team and network you will need to cover all aspects of your emotional, spiritual, financial and physical needs. Allot of care will need to be long term which usually a survivor and family is not prepared for or have the means. There are several areas in recovery that, well its not going to be days, weeks, but years. This is a condition you will need help
  4. Get as much knowledge so your able to be your own advocate.
  5. NEVER go to the Doctor alone. You need to ask permission to record or have someone take notes for you because you will forget. Caregivers and family, You will get overwhelmed and simply shut down, you always need to make a chain of events, daily log. Doctors will change.
  6. Make sure you always take notes and ask for a copies of your medical information so you can start understanding your brain, your injury, and your recovery.
  7. Keep track of every thing you are feeling and doing even something as simple as "the air smells different today" is important.
  8. Seek out and join a a local support group. GO! Introduce yourselves as friends caregivers,survivors,etc. It will be the BEST source for questions, support, connection both medicinally and emotionally.
  9. Get a mentor so they can help facilitate and communicate care and treatments beyond the limited time a doctor has to spend with you. Often times you go home after long day a tests and you can remember what the doctor said and more importantly convey your recovery clearly and effectively so they can better serve you.

Brain Injury In The Media

Healing Soldiers | Revealing the Trauma of War

Thousands of soldiers and veterans are suffering from some level of traumatic brain injury (TBI), mostly as a result of exposure to blast events. See the images, the art, and learn more through National Geographic: Healing Soldiers Art & Stories


t's amazing and heart reaching but for those friend and family that just don't get it, We have found that these movies that are themed around traumatic Brain Injury helps to really faint a picture, lets face it people have a hard time believing something they can not see, such has Faith. I find that this 3 main sections on this page will help family and friends understand how the life we once knew is god and creating the "New Normal" is something we must immediately to give us the best chance of functioning.

Release Date: December 25, 2015  

                    RESOURCE LINKS


                                                                                           To report abuse and neglect, including self neglect, of an adult, call the your local division of Adult Protective Services. In Tennessee that number is

1-888-APS-TENN 1-888-277-8366

Anyone person regardless of age of gender can be a victim of domestic abuse and may call the Domestic Abuse Hotline for support and assistance 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)