Where We're Going -  apparel for a cause

Handle With LoVe under the leadership of creator Greg Costa are focused on:

  • Discovering and creating more opportunities for Survivors to gain increased financial independence and stability. For every shirt and product sold a survivor gets a free card.
  • To develop better technologies for the brain injury community, and to make technology more accessible and easy to navigate by donating iPhones and iPads , Devices that once thousands of dollars now affordable and can help us speak and communicate. This helps one of the biggest problems survivors don't have A Voice.
  • Centralize resources and information, so that Survivors and Caregivers can find what and who they need quickly and efficiently. 
  • Being the first apparel line in the brain injury world that will have product such as grippy socks that help prevent one of the biggest causes of brain injury, "slip and falls".


Retail Opportunites & Brand Ambassadorship: 

The Handle with LoVe™ Apparel line was created to make "invisible disability", Visible. Brain Injury is reread to as  "Silent Epidemic" the 52 million world wide and that just what is reported.  



The Survivor Card: 

This identifier is a tool that will grow as technology grows, it will evolve to have chip technology, integrated into larger databases, and will have a wireless component.Our ID CARD is the industry standard for brain injury identification. 


The cost of life after a brain injury can be a huge burden, and affording a necessary tool like The Survivor Card can be out of reach for many. The Pay It Forward program allows us to close that gap just a little, for every card purchase, a card is given to a a Survivor in need. 


A portion of the proceeds from the direct sale of all Handle with LoVe™ products go towards sponsoring Survivors. Having technologies and tools that make life easier can be an area the many Survivors and their families sacrifice, because of cost and/or lack of support. The funds acquired through store sales will allow us to provide everything for tablets to cell phones to gas cards to Survivors in need.